Swalwell Memories 3

Blaydon Courier 31 October 1948

The Blaydon Courier advertised the Plaza and Empire programmes. Here we see a typical Empire programme for the period featuring John Carradine in a 1946 horror film The Face Of Marble (voodoo potions revive the dead), and a 1939 B western, Riders Of The Sage featuring Bob Steele for the Sunday evening show. Another western, Woman Of The Town (1943) featuring Albert Dekker as Bat Masterson, Claire Trevor as his girl and Barry Sullivan as a rival cattleman for the first half of the week; and a British picture, Caravan, an 1840's Spanish-set romance starring Stewart Granger, Joan Kent, Anne Crawford and Dennis Price to end the week. All these pictures were in black and white.

At the Plaza on Sunday is The Unseen, a 1945 picture starring Joel McCrea, Gail Russell and (doctor) Herbert Marshall in which McCrea's childrens' tutor Gail Russell believes that a neighbouring house contains a deadly secret. Also showing is National Barn Dance from 1943 and based on an American radio programme and featured Jean Heather, Charles Quigley and Robert Benchley.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday has Cup-Tie Honeymoon, 1948, with Sandy Powell as the footballer son of a company chairman who must decide whether to play for his father's team or his school's. Later in the week is The Swordsman (Technicolor) from 1948 with Larry Parks in the title role of a film set in Scotland and with Ellen Drew, George Macready, Edgar Buchanan and Ray Collins. I remember this picture did very well at the Plaza as my Dad and me couldn't get in to the Saturday night first house and have still never seen the film.

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