Swalwell Railways

Map showing railways of Swalwell and Derwenthaugh

The map shows the Newcastle and Carlisle line at the top, north of the River Tyne, with the Redheugh branch between Blaydon and Dunston running west to east (left to right) past Derwenthaugh, south of the Tyne. The series of junctions giving access to the Derwent Valley railway though Swalwell to Consett is shown (with signal boxes 1, 2 and 3 marked), as are the Swalwell branch to the Henry pit; Blaydon Main wagonway from the Hazard pit (Blaydon Main Colliery); and the Main Way, formerly the Garesfield and Chopwell wagonway from Derwenthaugh (Consett Iron Co.) staiths running south towards the cokeworks and beyond. Signal box locations are shown and are listed on the right.

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