Swalwell Buildings

School Plan

Plan of Swalwell school.

The small plan at lower right shows the location of the school in Market Lane. The main plan has Market Lane at the bottom, the woodwork building at top left, inside the wall running along Crowley Road at top, with the toilets further right, and the main building at centr, with the caretaker's house at centre left. The plan at bottom centre shows the upper floors. The wording at the extreme right edge reads 'Plan of the building before the infant staff room was built and before the cloakroom space was converted to indoor toilets' The wording in the main building drawing reads 'hot water heater' and 'Cloaks 2' and to the right of this, 'Cloaks', ' DB WH, '30G water heater', and 'service position in heating chamber below'. The wording on the plan of the upper floor reads 'staff lav' and 3 Gall W.Heater WH/R/2'. The date of the plan is not known but is probably pre-war.

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