Memories 4

Turf cigarette cards

Turf cigarette cards from about 1950. These cards were issued from ??? to ??? and examples from some of the different series are shown above.

Shown are, left to right: British Railway Locomotives series, No. 13. Class A4. 4-6-2; No. 23. Ex WD 'Austerity' 2-10-0; Zoo Animals series. No. 28. Polar Bear; Famous Film Stars series, No. 41. Henry Fonda (RKO Radio) in 'Fort Apache'; No. 3. Jeanette Macdonald (MGM) in 'Naughty Marietta'; No. 13. Myrna Loy (MGM) in 'The Thin Man Goes Home'; No. 29. Kieron Moore (London Films) in 'A Man About The House' ; Famous Dog Breeds series, No. 43. Alsatian; and Sports series, No. 6. Len Hutton; Radio Celebrities series, No. 17. Naunton Wayne; Celebrities of British History series, No. 12. Dr Livingstone; Famous Footballers series, No. 33. Jack Froggatt, Portsmouth and England;

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